Porous III-V Semiconductors
by I. Tiginyanu, S. Langa, H. Foell and V. Ursachi


Fabrication and optical characterisation of porous structures by ussing electrochemical etching as a nanostructuring technique.

Over the last decade, a great deal of research efforts was focused on manufacturing and studying inorganic nanochannel-array materials attractive for applications in catalysis, separations, environmental-technologies, photonics, micro- and optoelectronics. Considerable progress was achieved in semiconductor nanostructuring using electrochemical etching techniques. This book is devoted to issues related to fabrication and optical characterisation of porous III-V semiconductors fabricated using anodic etching.

We shows that electrochemical nanostructuring of III-V compounds opens possibilities for efficient optical phonon engineering and modification of luminescence properties, leads to occurrence of artificial birefringence, increased optical second harmonic generation and Terahertz emission, etc. Technological conditions for the fabrication of single crystals of nanopores are described. The book includes also general information about electrochemistry of semiconductors and formation of porous Si, Ge and CdSe.